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Don’t Allow Supply Chain Issues to Delay Your Project

The last two years have been incredibly stressful for the healthcare industry and the many incredible people working in the field. In addition to the stress of treating an influx of patients caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, these organizations faced immense challenges in the supply chain. The issues with the supply chain are having a […]

Labor Shortage in the Healthcare & Construction Industries

In a recent U.S. Chambers of commerce survey, 88% of commercial construction contractors reported moderate-to-high levels of difficulty finding skilled workers. The industry as a whole could face a shortage of at least two million workers through 2025 (Ngo). This labor shortage impacts all phases of a commercial construction project, including the critical building load […]

Benefits of having Attainia and FitUp on your Project

Attainia and FitUp are both used by many healthcare organizations to track medical equipment from planning to installation.  FitUp and Attainia are now integrated so that all product information that is managed in Attaina is automatically uploaded into FitUp and updated as changes are made in Attainia. Medical Equipment Planners utilize Attainia to create the […]

Who FitUp Is For

Our FreightTrain software has been a vital tool for our Building Load and Logistics team during the Building Load phase…

What FitUp Does

HTS, Inc. FreightTrain FitUp software provides powerful tools for use during the activation of a new hospital…

How FitUP Was Created

FreightTrain ‘s FitUp was created from the many frustrations and lessons learned from over a decade of experience in loading a building…