Benefits of having Attainia and FitUp on your Project

Attainia and FitUp are both used by many healthcare organizations…

Envision Planning Customer Success Story

About Envision Envision Planning is a Fortune 500-level…

The Importance of Using Activation Software Early in the Construction Project

Early use of Activation software saves 10% or more off total construction project costs. At FreightTrain, we advise customers to begin using FitUp at least 6 months before you start building turnover to take advantage of these cost savings.
Penn Pavilion Hospital Ribbon Cutting

How HBS Tracked and Installed 53,696 Medical Equipment Products for the Penn Pavilion Project

We're proud to share that HBS selected FitUp to help them track and install over 53,696 medical equipment products during the activation of Penn Medicine's Pavilion! As a result, HBS saved more than 1,000 man-hours on issues tracking alone, plus received accurate, real-time data across the project's variables
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5 Steps to Turn Your Construction Project Data into Action

Did you know - more than 90% of the data in construction projects typically goes unused. Data-driven companies are more productive, more agile and more profitable - making it crucial for construction leaders to find ways to convert their data into actionable insights. That's why we wrote this blog post on the "5 Steps to Turn Your Construction Project Data into Action"

 3 Ways Spreadsheets are Costing Your Construction Projects Time and Money

Spreadsheets have their place in business, but that place is not in activating a building. Here are 3 ways spreadsheets are creating waste for your construction project

How FitUp Helps Mitigate the Labor Shortage in Hospital Construction

According to a recent AGC Survey, 91% of Construction Firms are having a hard time finding workers to hire, driving up costs and project delays. To overcome these challenges caused by the labor shortage, FreightTrain customers are leveraging our SaaS platform to reduce the number of man-hours required on a project to get more done with fewer people

Customer Success Story: How Criterion Used FitUp to Successfully Activate the Lennar Foundation Cancer Center

FitUp was the only solution that checked all the requirements for Criterion and City of Hope. The program’s full connection and integration with Attainia alleviated a large magnitude of manual data entry updates that Criterion was previously inputting into Smartsheet and Excel. This customer success story shares how Criterion and the City of Hope used FreightTrain's FitUp for their hospital activation and FF&E.
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FreightTrain Announces New Integration Partnership with 4Tower Capital Management System

We’re excited to announce that FitUp, FreightTrain's SaaS-based solution for coordinating medical equipment, furniture, and IT devices during building activation, is now integrated with 4Tower's SpecAdvisor capital equipment planning system.
Construction Worker

How the Pandemic Evolved the Health Care Facility Inspection Process

Solving problems and working around constraints are a constant in the work of construction, and Covid brought innumerable challenges to virtually every aspect...