FreightTrain® FitUP™ Now Offers Self-Service to Make Your Hospital Construction Activation 10x Easier! 

FreightTrain® announces new self-service features for FitUP™

The activation phase is the last part of what can be a years-long planning, design, and construction effort for hospitals. It’s the only thing standing between a beautiful new building and the opportunity to deliver vital services to patients in need.

The initial healthcare owners that approached FreightTrain® for help were involved in large replacement tower projects and new hospital construction. Facilities of this scale may have tens of thousands of products that must be ordered, warehoused, delivered, installed, and tested before the go-live date. The manual, spreadsheet-based system that most teams employed to track the status of all these products proved inefficient and error-prone under the weight of these requirements.

The FreightTrain® team designed FitUP™ to address the needs of these larger projects, and since our initial launch – we’ve seen rapid adoption by prestigious organizations across the country. FitUP™ is a cloud-based software system that our clients use to simplify the tracking of medical equipment, furniture, and IT during the activation of a healthcare project. 

More recently, customers have expressed a need to create a standardized workflow for their activation process. The goal was to take the learnings from more extensive projects and leverage them across their portfolio of capital improvement projects.

Working closely with our customers, our team has spent the last year developing a self-service portal for FitUP™ to give you greater ability to create custom workflows and apply them across all your projects.

The Self-Service Portal Makes it Easy to Create and Manage New Projects

Now, our clients are able to set-up new projects without intervention from the FreightTrain® team. Users can set up projects, connect to the medical equipment planning solution of their choice, submit Revit files for creating our proprietary Visual Fragnet maps, and more.

Self-service is a breakthrough, making FitUP™ a cost-effective solution for projects across the continuum from large to small. This feature allows teams to gain greater proficiency with the system and drive significant performance improvements across their organizations. We are excited to deliver this capability to our customers.
We developed FitUP™ Self-Service because customers asked for a solution to a complex problem. The FreightTrain team listened and delivered an answer. We are proud to announce that the new self-service capability is opening the door for greater efficiency for healthcare organizations across the country and ensuring successful activations so our customers can focus on what really matters – their patients.