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Benefits of having Attainia and FitUp on your Project

Attainia and FitUp are both used by many healthcare organizations…

The Importance of Using Activation Software Early in the Construction Project

Early use of Activation software saves 10% or more off total construction project costs. At FreightTrain, we advise customers to begin using FitUp at least 6 months before you start building turnover to take advantage of these cost savings.
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5 Steps to Turn Your Construction Project Data into Action

Did you know - more than 90% of the data in construction projects typically goes unused. Data-driven companies are more productive, more agile and more profitable - making it crucial for construction leaders to find ways to convert their data into actionable insights. That's why we wrote this blog post on the "5 Steps to Turn Your Construction Project Data into Action"

Don't Allow Supply Chain Issues to Delay Your Project

The last two years have been incredibly stressful for the…
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How FitUP Was Created

FreightTrain 's FitUp was created from the many frustrations and lessons learned from over a decade of experience in loading a building...